Cleaner Homes and a Cleaner World

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At Art of Green®, social responsibility isn’t just part of our brand. It’s in the principles we embrace and the actions we take. We are a subsidiary of Industrias AlEn, S.A. de C.V., one of the most recognized companies in the household cleaning products category in Mexico. Since 1949, we have been proving our commitment to making our collective home a better place.

AlEn’s sustainable impact over the past 25 years

Planted Trees

Planted more than

6.5 million


Recycled Botles

Recycled up to

50,000 tons

of plastic bottles

per year — and that number’s growing.

Reduced CO2 Emissions


122,652 tons

of CO2 emissions

SAFE for your family. safe for the planet.


Tough on Dirt, Grease
and Grime


Not Tested
on Animals


No Harsh or Toxic


98% Naturally Derived
Multisurface Cleaner


Dermatologically Tested


Safe for Sensitive Skin


Biodegradable Formula

inherently in 28 days

*Wipes material is not biodegradable


18,686 Acres of Palm Trees Planted with The UUMBAL Project in Mexico


100% Post-Consumer
Recycled Material

(excluding colorant)


Bio-based Product


98% naturally sourced,

100% effective ingredients

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Keeping your house clean is important. But with kids and pets around, you want cleaning products that are not only effective, but safe.

Art of Green® uses a 98% naturally sourced, biodegradable formula infused with fragrant scents containing plant-based ingredients to provide a deep clean without leaving anything toxic behind.

Our products are every bit as powerful as mainstream alternatives, but safe for your homes and loved ones. Tough on dirt, grease and grime, they’re dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin. That means you can keep your home safe, clean and comfortable.

Community of Clean

Community of Clean

Community of Clean is an AlEn USA initiative that seeks to bring a cleaner and more sustainable world—not only through our products and production processes, but also through initiatives that help our communities.

To that end, we recently donated 43,000 bottles of cleaning products to the Houston Food Bank to help families who are struggling to find and afford cleaning products during the COVID-19 crisis.

This is part of an ongoing program to support the Houston Food Bank and hurricane response initiatives with cleaning and laundry care products.